Understanding 'Key Numbers' in Football Betting
Thu 09 Jul, by Nandeesh Pandey

Understanding' Key Numbers' in Football Betting

In football, you have specific key metrics and statistics that factor in when determining the outcome of a game.

Understanding critical numbers in football betting goes beyond that to encompass predicting the future outcome of a wager based on the type of wager.

This could be on the outcome of a game, it could be on the number of goals scored, corners taken, etc. 


Key Numbers In Football Betting

Given how key numbers can help tilt the favor of a bet to a particular side, a punter must understand what numbers to look out for.

When looking for chances to bet, sometimes, it's obvious, and sometimes, you need to look to find what you're looking for. Here are the top key numbers to keep in mind when making a wager: 


  1. Odds 

When wagering, you can't overlook the importance of the odds on offer, even if you're not a statistician or a mathematician. However, it does pay dividends to know how to read how odds are placed by different vendors. This allows a punter to spot value in a bet across several sportsbooks, as well as the odds on offer. 


  1. Team performance 

Analyzing past team performance is essential in determining and gauging future outcomes. Although it may not seem a key metric, various factors measure team performance such as goals scored, wins, form, goals conceded, squad injuries, etc. are important. They're so crucial that bookies set odds on who they feel is most likely to win based on performance and the bets they receive.


  1. Types of bet 

Understanding the type of bet you make is essential, as some bets are more evident than others. For example, betting on a team to win between two evenly matched teams may go either way, even if you feel you've done your research and the scales are tilting to one direction. However, a punter could go for a different betting on both teams to score or more than two goals scored in the match in the Greek League. The chances of the latter happening are much higher. 


  1. Outcomes

In football, a punter can bet on three different outcomes: the home team, the away team or a draw. That's three possible outcomes on a bet, which could give you a 33% chance of winning (all other factors remaining the same). Punters can also bet on a particular outcome, such as team to score. First, player to score, among others. 


  1. Vig 

Vig is short for vigorish. This means the margin a bookie makes on a bet. Although this may not be essential to know for a punter, it doesn't hurt to know how much your sportsbook makes based on the odds they offer (and in some cases, you may spot an opportunity). 

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