Advantages of in play betting
Thu 11 Apr, by Sophie

In-play betting offered by sportsbook is one of the latest additions to soccer betting strategies all thanks to the revolution that has been brought about by technology.

These types of bets are placed by placing a bet in real time (live time) after the gaming event has started. With in-play bets, a punter is at a position to lower the risk of loss given the fact that you will be able to gather last minute information on the injured players or surprise substitutions.

In-play betting for the beginner

There is no much difference between the mechanics for placing traditional wagers and the in-play wagers. The only small difference is that for the in-play bets, a wager puts a bet after the much has already started while in the standard bet it’s done before the start of the match. In-play betting has a few advantages though, considering that a punter is at a position to observe the performance of the players before placing a bet.

Also, in-play betting offers slightly higher odds than the standard bets, but it is good to be on the lookout because these odds also change in split seconds.  The change of odds could be as a result of how an individual player is tackling the game.

The other thing that is important to note if you are interested in in-play betting is a short time that is available before you can place a bet. This is however not the case with the traditional betting where you have the luxury of time before you can make a decision.

In-play betting is one of the most profitable betting strategies, and if done correctly, you can make a tidy amount of money with it. However, you must also do your homework well and look at the past performance of the playing teams before proceeding.

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