Why Do Sports Fans Hate Fair-Weather Fans?
Thu 02 Mar, by Nandeesh Pandey

Fair-Weather Fans - The Reasons Behind The Dislike Sports Fans Have For Them

Here's something you've experienced before. One of your friends is a Manchester United fan. Through most of the year, at least. Bur Man U could be doing better in the Champion's League. They get knocked out of the tournament. But Liverpool isn't. The team is heading to the finals. All of a sudden, your friend is a Liverpool fan. And not an ordinary fan - a super-fan who knows all the details of the team and its players. What we have here is a sample of a fair-weather fan in action. We've all seen them. They tend to annoy us. But why so? Why do sports fans hate fair-weather fans so much? Well, we're about to find out.

What Are Fair-weather Fans?

While we've all come across a fair-weather fan in the past, let's define the term itself so that you can distinguish it from any other type of fan. A fair-weather fan is a sports enthusiast that follows a particular team only when it's doing well. While fair-weather fans can be bandwagon fans, the two are not necessarily the same. Bandwagoners tend to be casual watchers that don't cheer for a particular team for most of the season. Only when they see a team becoming popular do they turn into seeming die-hard fans. On the other hand, Fair-weather fans tend to follow and cheer for a team through most of its journey. When the team is doing well, they wholeheartedly support it. When the team goes downhill, these sports fans tend to disappear. They're even ready to switch teams. Now that you know what type of fans we're dealing with here, let's explain why we find them annoying.

Why Do Die-hards Hate Them So Much?

Die-hard fans have their annoying tendencies, yes. They can be rackety, talkative, and braggadocious sometimes, but you can't knock them for their passion. They love their team, follow it through thick and thin, and usually have a high level of knowledge about the sport. All of these things are highly respectable. But when it comes to fair-weather fans, they can often be the polar opposite of die-hards. Their knowledge levels could be higher. They need more interest in the team they claim to be following. And they certainly don't feel genuine passion for the sport or team. And that's what makes them so offensive, for lack of a better term, to die-hards. Just imagine you spend your entire life loving an underdog team, and when they start winning, here come the fair-weather fans stealing the spotlight from you. They want to take away your team and claim it as their own.

Should You Hate Fair-weather Fans?

But are these guys that offensive? Do they pose a real threat to your fandom? No, not at all. They are annoying. All of us can agree on that. Nothing can compare to the joy you get from having your team as an underdog and then winning it all. But that doesn't mean you should hate these people. They're just looking to have fun and support their team. Sure, they don't do it correctly, but that doesn't mean you have to be angry with them. After some time, they'll surely lose interest and go to another team, and that's about it.

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