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Thu 26 Jan, by Arnaldo Brito Strict Verification Process

To qualify as an expert in any field, one must undergo examinations, tests, and experience. Expert investors have years of experience, and are trained, certified, and registered as experts who provide investment advice. The role of tipsters is similar to that of investors in football betting, helping match punters with straight wagers and situations to bet on. Even so, tipsters must be qualified and verified before providing punters with expert advice. Vet financial advice and safeguard to protect the receiver. Strict Verification Process

During the verification and vetting process of tipsters on, there are some steps to take.

Background Check

Background checks are usually the first and most important step in verifying and vetting tipsters. Background checks ensure that a tipster's credentials are valid, including, but not limited to, their name, education, past work experience, certifications, the accuracy of predictions, and research methods and analysis. The platform does not hire tipsters if their background checks raise red flags, such as lousy expert advice, the experience of misleading clients, or criminal cases. The platform offers several tipster applications, with only the best selected for paid tips.


Tipsters need to be consistent to qualify as football experts. Punters need character because even the best punters can fluke some correct predictions. If a tipster had two accounts, he might make one prediction on one charge and the exact opposite prediction on another. Across two funds, the tipster makes one correct prediction out of two. The skills of a consistent tipster are more important than luck in predicting the outcome of bets.  


During the onboarding process, they will measure the tipster's performance before the tipster becomes verified. To be successful, a tipster must produce high-level performance metrics. Punters must have metrics for making wagers as it provides a gauge of how the tipster should perform. However, its basis is the assumption that future results are by past performance. However, tipsters' results may occasionally deviate from past performances, even though this is generally the case.  


A tipster's experience is another crucial factor for punters when placing football bets. The tipster with more experience will edge out the tipster with less experience by using the same analysis, metrics, predictions, betting markets, and betting software. A team's past performance can predict its future in football leagues. An experienced tipster with several years of experience can provide punters with more insight into the performance of a punter with less than three years of experience.

Level Of a Tipster

The tipster's level determines the tip's quality, the accuracy of the information, and the price for acquiring the lead. As a reference, free tipsters are those tipsters with the least experience but the most insufficient accuracy or hit rate. There is a slight difference in cost between junior and senior tipsters, but senior tipsters have a greater level of experience and consistency. Among all the tipsters listed on the platform, premium tipsters have the highest character and are more costly than senior tipsters. Punters who make more than five bets at once benefit from bundle tipsters as they combine tips on many games into one end.


It ensures access to football tips across leagues in different countries through the quality of leads. Generally, the rate of something decreases as the number increases. The platform verifies and vets the best tipsters before listing them. Each tipster is an expert in their market or league, ensuring quality and variety for punters.

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