The Concept Of Value In Sports Betting
Wed 05 Apr, by Asher Potu

Concept Of Value In Sports Betting

Whether they realize it or not, most beginners in sports betting start their journey obsessed with their hit rate. They’re more focused on whether they’re making more accurate predictions than inaccurate ones. The underlying assumption is that having more hits than misses means you’re making a profit. Sadly, this isn’t true. For punters to be successful in sports betting, they have to ensure that the wagers they place have quality and are worth the effort in the first instance. And for this to happen, you must know how to find value.

Value Betting – Everything You Need To Know

Value betting in sports is identifying those few instances where a bookie has set the odds for a particular outcome in a manner that doesn’t capture the actual probability of the said outcome. This method of betting is an established way of wagering for profits in the long term. Finding value is becoming more popular in the sports betting industry. However, it takes time to master as it involves spotting details and facts that your bookmaker has either missed or hasn’t yet accounted for.

How To Find Value Bets In Sports

Considering just how invaluable adding this skill to your betting knowledge base is, here are a few great ways that you can find value bets in sports today:

  • By scouring different online sportsbooks and websites manually;

  • By leveraging different free-to-use value betting software and programs;

  • By leveraging paid value betting software and programs.

Regardless of your path, don’t forget to make proper record-keeping a big part of your activities. It is necessary as the records will prove instrumental in helping you hone your value betting skills.

Is Value Betting Profitable?

Yes, value betting is incredibly profitable when done right. Ranked as the most rewarding intelligent betting strategy, you stand to make over 65% more than you would with arbitrage betting. So, even though you might feel that you can ill afford to give learning value betting the time and attention it deserves, there’s clear evidence that doing so will prove worthwhile.

Factors That Influence How Profitable Value Betting Is

Several crucial variables significantly affect how much you can make when you value a bet. However, the four most prominent ones are:

  1. The size of your original stake;

  2. The level of risk and aggressiveness you’re willing to introduce to your staking plan;

  3. How many value bets do you stake;

  4. How online “soft” bookmakers identify and limit your activities.

Potential Drawbacks Of Value Betting

As you must’ve realized by now, no betting system is without its flaws. For value betting, the biggest cons are that it demands an exceptionally high level of discipline, it comes with a higher risk of gubbins, and there’s more variance with your profits.

Bottom Line

Value betting can add a bit of spice to how you usually place wagers. It also helps that it’s a pretty profitable means of betting. However, it would help if you put considerable effort into picking up this skill.


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