Which Sport Has The Highest Number Of Followers?
Wed 08 Mar, by Arnaldo Brito

Do You Know Which Sport Has the Highest Number of Followers?

What sport is the most popular in the world? 90% of people follow sports to a certain extent, while 60% watch live. But what sport has the highest number of followers? That's what we're here to find out. So join us as we count from 10 to 1 and reveal which sport has the most active and loyal followers.

10. Rugby (400 million people)

Just like American football, the roots of rugby are in soccer. The split created three separate sports - all of which millions and millions of people watch across the world. The Rugby Union only has six nations, but it still has a large fanbase.

9. Football (410 million fans)

Rugby's first cousin, American football, takes the ninth spot on the list, with 10 million more fans. So while it's nowhere near the top five regarding the viewers-to-revenue ratio, the sport is undoubtedly number one. And keep in mind the sport only gets a little airtime outside the US.

8. Baseball (500 million watchers)

America's favorite pastime has more than half a billion viewers. In addition, the sport's fans consume more than 25 million hot dogs during matches each season. Surprisingly, baseball has been extremely popular outside the US in Japan since its introduction in the 1870s.

7. Table Tennis (850 million devotees)

The biggest surprise on our list - Table tennis - or Ping Pong as it's more commonly known - has been played in some form since the 1800s, and it continues to have a large following. The sport is trendy in China, where millions of people play it daily as a hobby.

6. Volleyball (900 million consumers)

Volleyball players earn less money than other sports stars on our list. However, the sport is still prevalent. Nearly a billion people watch it all over the world. So, while it isn't the most popular sport anywhere, it has a decent following in most countries.

5. Tennis (1 billion spectators)

We've entered the billion-fan club—only the second sport on the list that doesn't involve a team. While men's sport is trendy, women's tennis is watched and supported more in many countries.

4. Hockey (2.2 billion followers)

One reason hockey is ranked so high is that there are two versions of the sport - field and ice hockey. The sport is popular in the West and East, with countries like India and Pakistan having millions of active players.

3. Basketball (2.4 billion viewers)

This sport started a few centuries back, but it only became popular in the 20th century when it made its name. Today, nearly 2.4 billion people actively consume basketball. The NBA is responsible for the bulk of the viewership. However, countries like China, India, and Russia also have extremely popular leagues.

2. Cricket (2.5 billion supporters)

Strangely, the first cricket game was nearly 500 years ago. The sport doesn't even crack the top ten in the United States, but it's still viral in the United Kingdom and most Commonwealth countries. In India, especially, cricket is the most watched and followed sport.

1. Soccer (4 billion die-hards)

No surprises here because half of the planet watches soccer actively. What's more, around 250 million casual athletes around the world actively play the game. So yes, it's also the most-played sport on Earth.

Were You Surprised By The Winner?

Were you surprised to find out that so many people watch soccer? While the popularity of soccer is only starting to surge in North America, the sport has been the global number one for over a century. With the rising popularity among Americans, it's just a matter of time before soccer becomes the undisputed global champion, recognized by Americans just like the rest of the world.

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