Sports Team That Has The Most Obnoxious Fans
Thu 16 Mar, by Kolade Daniel

Which Sports Team That Has the Most Obnoxious Fans

We're all fans of sports. Nothing is better than a day preparing for a game, sitting down, cracking a beer, and watching your sports team leave their hearts on the court. But, of course, all of us can get passionate in moments of victory and defeat. Too emotional at times. But some fans take things to the next level—a whole other level of obnoxiousness. Yes, today, we're going to discuss fan bases that love them and make sure to let us know about it. We hate it. But they love it. Join us as we countdown the most insufferable fanbases in sports.

Boston Celtics

Let's start with something light - Boston has the most titles of any NBA franchise. They've just been to the Finals. And their team has a great future. So yeah, they have a lot to brag about. But when they start trash-talking other teams, it's a bit over the top. Don't ask their fans if they are better than the Lakers. Of course, they are. MJ's Bulls and Spurs, too; they were together.

Manchester United

Outside America, football/soccer is enormous. Real seriously. Manchester fans are recognized worldwide for their arrogance, loudness, and obnoxiousness. The sports team is also despised since they often have the most significant budgets and talented rosters, but they still manage to blow it all. Man U fans are also known for their tendency to go overboard with their celebrations.

Boston Red Sox

The Red Sox fanbase has been unbearable for the better of the 20th century. They've become much more tolerable since they won the World Series nearly two decades ago. But that's not saying much, they expect to win every season. Their view of the team is unrealistic, no matter how bad the season is. And when a new player doesn't perform to expectations, the fans are ready to run them out of Boston quicker than they came.

New York Jets

You don't know how to live in denial unless you're a Jets fan, truly. And you also know something about the inferiority complex—Scratch that. You know a lot about it: their obsession - is the Patriots. Even though the Jets haven't won a Super Bowl in the last 55 years, their fans have to claim that they're better than the Patriots. But, instead, they've treated their star quarterbacks like trash after every fumble.

Notre Dame Fighting Irish

You probably know that Notre Dame has a long history. They were good at specific points. Amazingly good. How do we know this? Well, their fans keep on hammering that into our skulls. They've been doing so for a century. They haven't won the championship in 35 years. While the team was competitive for a few years after winning the chip, lately, not so much. They had a good team and a chance to make it to the National Championship. But they got embarrassed. A dynasty? We're still determining that.

Philadelphia Eagles

When talking about the worst fanbases, one team reigns supreme - the Philadelphia Eagles. The team's fans have always been irrational, noisy, and downright violent. Remember, these fans boo Santa Claus and cheer for severe injuries. They don't respect other teams, fans, and the game itself. But, of course, football is a violent sport. It doesn't need family-friendly fans, and it's good to have passionate ones. But when you look at Eagles fans. It's just too much for some of us to handle.

What Fans Do You Find Most Insufferable?

Passion is one thing. Obnoxiousness is a whole other beast. Some fans take it way too far and make us all hate them. What team can't you stand? Did you ever get into it with some fans? Don't worry. We won't judge you.

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