Can You Earn Consistent Income By Becoming Professional Tipsters?
Mon 03 Aug, by Arnaldo Brito

Can You Earn Consistent Income By Becoming Professional Tipsters?

Let's start with what a tipster is? A tipster is a sports forecaster specialized in a particular sports modality who proposes bets for people who follow or hire him. The more specific it is, the more value it can offer to the user who follows it. Thus, it is no longer just about providing forecasts in a particular sport, but it has to try to do it in a specific league or market.

Tipsters have become very popular in recent years thanks to the full range of sports available in the different bookmakers. Usually, tipsters have two channels: one free and the other paid. In the free channel, they promote themselves leaving bets to the followers knowing that the bulk of the activity is in the paid subscription.

What is a premium tipster?

The premium tipster is one that charges for a forecasting service. Some tipsters charge an amount of money per month. Also, some tipsters sell unit packages.

Let's suppose you contract a package of 5 units for € 100. This means that at least you would have to set your stake unit at € 20 to avoid losing money when adding up the contracted units.

A package of units assures you, without a time limit, that you will pay to obtain those units contracted. The problem is that you will not always have 100% availability to make the bets recommended by the. Likewise, you'll have to bear losses before reaching these contracted units.

The figure of the professional tipster

There are a small number of tipsters whose statistics support their work. This type of tipster usually charges higher amounts for their service. They also surround themselves with a select and experienced clientele.

The tipster, who has a long journey as a forecaster, possibly prefers to have a small number of people in his payment service. They prioritize quality over the number of forecasts sent and can earn more than € 3,000 a month. How do they get it? A professional tipster is a sports events forecaster who places bets himself or sells his tips to other bettors.

How to become a tipster?

Being tipster is very simple. You have to get people to see your forecasts (and be good at it, of course). You can post them on social networks, Twitter, Facebook. But above all, we recommend doing it on Telegram or Instagram. These networks are where most users forecast.

It is also a good idea to use platforms so that more people know you and keep an accounting of your earnings. From there, it will depend on your results and proper marketing to attract more followers. If your picks are good and you are honest with your statistics, you will end up forming a group of loyal users.

Is it easy to earn money being tipster?

No, you need to make yourself known and shine above the rest. Currently, there is a lot of competition in the sector, and you should have the best tools for tipsters. It includes exclusive designs, home promotions, and of course, great forecasts. Once you have a good number of followers, it is time to look for the sports betting affiliation platform to monetize your Telegram channel or website.

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