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Sun 09 Feb, by Nandeesh Pandey

A common saying goes as, “When there is a will, there is a way,” and Lance Armstrong is a living entity who has proved it right. Known as one of the most popular and influential sportsmen of the century, Lance Armstrong has had a fair share of ups and downs in his career, but one thing which he never gives up was trying. Right from being one of the youngest winners of Tour de France to getting embroiled into various doping accusations and eventually bouncing back, Lance Armstrong’s career is no short of an inspiring tale for the younger generation.

So, let us try to know a bit more about Lance Armstrong’s career and his life as a whole.

Lance Armstrong was once a world-renowned professional road racing cyclist from America. Being an all-rounder rider, he started competing as a triathlete at a very young age. He started his career as a professional cyclist with the Motorola team and eventually represented the United States in men’s cycling world Championships.

Born on 18th September 1971 in a city called Plano in Texas, Lance Armstrong is of Canadian, Norwegian, and Dutch descent. Starting at a very tender age of 12 as a swimmer, Lance Armstrong competed for most of the events in Texas and was spotted by various Sporting directors and Scouts to be a potential athlete. He was ranked no. 1 triathlete at the age of 19 and under group in 1987-1988 USA Triathlon. Then, at the mere age of 16, Armstrong became a professional triathlete. Armstrong won ten one-day events and stage races in the year 1993. He won the World Road Race Championship held in Norway and was the first-ever American to win the La Flèche Wallonne and the Tour DuPont. He finished sixth in the time trial and ranked number 12 in the road race in the 1996 Olympic Games.

Armstrong’s Battle with Cancer

He was living a fairy tale, but his life was about to take a serious turn. In October 1996, Armstrong was diagnosed with an advanced stage of testicular cancer. This was one of the lowest points in his career when he was on a peak at a professional level, but on a medical level, he was in shatters. Later, he had to undergo chemotherapy and testicular surgery to stop the spreading of the cancerous cells, and finally, he did manage to overcome it.

One of the best things about Lance Armstrong is that he has been a fighter since his childhood days. Right from cycling on the tracks of Tour de France to his serious condition of testicular cancer, one thing which kept him going on was his never giving up spirit. After he recovered entirely from his medical issues, he started to compete once again in the world events, and things looked to be back to normal. However, a severe obstacle was waiting to show up.

Doping Allegations!!!

It was the year of 2013 when Lance Armstrong faced the saddest and most significant setback in his career. He was accused of using various performance enhancement drugs and got himself entangled into a series of doping allegations. Although he denied most of those doping allegations at first sight, yet, as time went by, he confessed his drug abuse in an interview. Consequently, all his records and medals were scrapped, and he was back to where he began it all.

So, did he stop? Did he lose any of his motivation? Not. After all his titles where scrapped, Lance Armstrong made it his vendetta to work harder and return to the world platform with a better and bigger determination and dedication. And after clearing all the medicals and releasing himself from all doping accusations, Lance Armstrong made a comeback, and oh God, what it was!!! He completed the Tour de France and, surprisingly, won it again with his sheer hard work and determination.

This is how champions are made, and Armstrong made it possible to show the entire world that everything is possible with grit determination and dedication.

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